Your Guide To Choose The Right Type Of Garage Door Paint

Doors welcome others to your abode, so they must be grand as your interior. Above all that, we have a garage door that’s massive and hard to miss. Therefore, your selection of paint will make or break the vibe. Although the color is essential, the type of paint you will choose is equally important. Therefore, let’s dive into a comprehensive guide for garage door paint.

Latex V.S Oil Paint:

Now the choice of your paint type depends on the material of your garage door. Latex and Oil paint differ primarily in their solvent choice. Latex uses a water solvent, while oil paint, as the name suggests, uses oil-based solvents. However, latex paint is gaining substantial popularity because of its relatively low toxicity and fumes emission.

Interior Paint V.S Exterior Paint:

Interior paint is built specifically for your home decor and walls. Although they are quite similar to exterior paint, you shouldn’t use them outdoors. This is because the weather can have its toll on interior paint. Hence, resulting in a loss of luster meanwhile, the paint starts to crack or peel off. Therefore, use exterior paint for extra protection against weathering agents.

Choosing The Right Paint Type:

For Vinyl Or Plastic Overlay: It’s best to opt for a latex-based primer or paint. In the case of vinyl, latex has better adherence as compared to oil paints. On the contrary, if you use oil paint, you risk paint cracking over time.

For Wooden Gates: Treat it similar to vinyl gates and use latex-based paint and primer for them.

For Metal Garage Gates: Rusting is a critical problem for metal garage gates, and paint choice can help you stave it off. Therefore, choose oil-based paints to prevent rusting.

Choosing The Right Color For Your Garage Door:

Before going for a bucket of paint, you need to clarify the effects you want your garage door to have. Hence, if you want to increase the curb appeal with your garage door, you can choose colors that blend in. Hence, we advise you to go for beige, white, or soft gray colors. On the contrary, if you want your garage door to leave an impression, feel free to experiment with eye-catchy colors such as red. However, many homeowners opt for natural color and texture like that of wood. Consequently, many settle for oak brown color for their garage doors.


Paint is essential for your garage door because, apart from aesthetics, paint can help protect garage doors from rust. Consequently, you will want your garage paint to adhere well to the surface. Hence, for that pay attention to the garage door material. Latex paints go well with many garage door materials like wood, plastic, vinyl, or aluminum. However, for metal ones, use oil paints because with latex paint you risk rusting. You can also buy pre-painted garage doors from us. We have trendy designs in our catalog. You can call Cypress Garage And Gates at 832-677-3502 for more inquiries.

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